Friday, 5 May 2017

Interdependence Rap + Art

Interdependence Rap + Art

On Monday (May 1st) Everyone did a Interdependence Task in the morning, We all got put into star wars 'spaceships' and had to make a piece of art and a rap about the holidays. There were 12 people in each group, and you had to rap about what they did and you COULDN'T miss one, it went the same for the art. So we split into two groups with six people in each one. I was in the Millennium Falcons and others were in X-Wings, Snowspeeders, At At's and more. Overall Millennium Falcons came 2nd (I'm pretty sure) and the X-Wings finished off in 1st place. Here is a video of our (Millennium Falcons) Rap.

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  1. Great Work noah it looked like you and your group collaborated well together.
    Nice work keep it up